DATA-TELE | DTC Difference
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DTC Difference


Installation is just the beginning of what Data-Tele Contractors, Inc. provides for their valued and loyal customers.

Test Results

At the conclusion of each project, Data-Tele will provide the client with detailed test results in both hard and soft copies. The test results will display the loss margin and distance of each cable terminated on the project.

As-Built Documentation/CADD Services

Data-Tele offers full CADD services including: pre-build cable plant layout, computer room overhead layout and elevation drawings, power consumption outlet layout, rack elevation drawings, and post-build as-built documentation. Final version of floor plans inclusive of locations, port numbers, and floor layout will be laminated and hung up in each IDF. The As-Built allows clients to locate ports easily in relation to the individual users and rooms on the floor(s).


Data-Tele guarantees a 25 year warranty on both material and labor. Upon each job closing, DTC will provide client with a soft and hard copy of a warranty documentation directly from the specific manufacturer. Additionally, we are available for any support and troubleshooting related to our installation. Data-Tele takes pride in the relationships we maintain and grow even after a project is completed.


IDCA Certifications

As part of the DTC core strategy, the firm has made it a priority to certify owners, project managers, and engineers in the school of the IDCA. The International Data Center Authority iris the only widely accepted standard for data center design and construction, By investing time and money into these courses. DTC can certify all of our data center work with experience in the field and in the classroom. Load balancing, BTU output, and physical installation standards are drilled into the DTC team to ensure YOUR data center not only meets but exceeds industry standards while remaining inside industry standard budgets

RCDD Certifications

DTC employs full time RCDD’s on staff to ensure accuracy, professionalism, and a world class standard for all installations, designs, and post construction as built documentation

HEPA Solutions for Infectious Control

Data-Tele’s introduction of the HEPA cart solution in the hospital environment has elevated infectious control standards to a new level. The premium HEPA cart solution utilized by Data-Tele increases our efficiency and productivity, facilitating the timely completion of projects under the most strenuous live action conditions. Because the majority of Data-Tele’s installations are performed in a live action hospital environment, infectious control is a constant issue. Utilizing the HEPA solution, Data-Tele deploys premium mobile containment units throughout the live hospital environment. These carts facilitate quick and sanitary cable installation, and allow Data-Tele technicians to work seamlessly on complex, multi-faceted installation projects in infection-sensitive areas such as emergency rooms, ICU rooms and operating rooms.