Infectios Control

Data-Tele’s quick rise to prominence in the New York City hospital vertical is a direct result the of the companies’ strict adherence to rigorous infectious control standards. Because the majority of Data-Tele’s installations are performed in a live action hospital environment, infectious control issues are a constant issue. Between nurse managers and infectious control directors, Data-Tele is under the constant watch of hospital personnel, and must remain complaint at all times. Compliant, is not what Data-Tele aims for.

Utilizing the HEPA solution, Data-Tele can deploy premium mobile containment units throughout the live hospital environment. The carts facilitate quick and sanitary cable installation, and allow Data-Tele technicians to work seamlessly on difficult multi faceted installation projects in infectious control sensitive areas such as emergency rooms, ICU rooms and operating rooms. Data-Tele’s introduction of the HEPA cart solution in the hospital environment has elevated infectious control standards to a new level. The premium HEPA cart solution utilized by Data-Tele increases their efficiency and productivity, facilitating the timely completion of projects under the most strenuous live action conditions. Click here

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