Mount Sinai Medical Center

Mount Sinai Medical Center - Data-Tele has become the preferred cable infrastructure contractor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Over the last eight years, Data-Tele has completed campus wide installations for network wireless system, RFID STAR antenna system and the ICU telemetry wireless configuration. Over the past sixteen months, Data-Tele has been an instrumental partner in Mt. Sinai’s EPIC (electronic patient information charts) initiative. This new cable infrastructure upgrade encompassed TR upgrades, fiber optics upgrades, and patient monitor upgrades in the midst of a fully functioning hospital environment. Data-Tele has been operating under a live 24/7 medical center and hospital environment throughout all of their campus wide network installations.

In addition to the campus wide projects, Data-Tele also performs construction site floor renovations and every day MAC (moves and changes) throughout the medical center. Below are examples of current and past projects Data-Tele has conducted at Mt. Sinai Medical center over the last eight years.
School Of Medicine Annenberg Building

Apr 2005 – June 2006
This project spanned 13 floors and required 13 unique IDF Room build-outs, (coring, sleeving, ladder tray and rack installations). The project required 11 “Hot Cut” closet re-terminations/re-stackings (1,150 cables total); 4,000 new voice and data Cat 5e cable runs in addition to extensive wire molding and ¾” emt piping installation as well as the re-termination, certification and repair of 325 strands of existing fiber optic cable infrastructure
Wireless Telemetry, RFID Installations

Jan 2008 – Mar 2011
Campus wide wireless access point installation; over 1000 duplex Cat 6 cable drops w/ devices installed in 10 different buildings. Campus wide GE RFID Star access point/antenna installation. Over 400 duplex Cat 6 cable drops with antennas installed in 10 different buildings. Guggenheim Pavilion GE Telemetry access point installation. IDF Build-outs on 7 floors with over 500 Cat 6 and Cat 5e cables supporting the telemetry device install. HEPA Cart infectious control units were used extensively during the campus wide installation process.
Dubin Breast Center Klingenstein Pavilion First Floor and E Level
Nov 2009 – Jan 2011
Two floor new construction renovation consisting of two telephone room build-outs (IDF, MDF). Backbone cabling (copper and fiber) and a 700 cable Cat 6, Cat 5e horizontal cabling solution encompassing station locations, PACS, speakers, RFID and wireless device/antenna installations. Weekend (hot cut) of over 500 existing cables in conjunction with the E level IDF build-out
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