DATA-TELE | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Meet The Team

Dan Carretta

With over 30 years of experience within cable infrastructure, Dan has been at the helm of a company that has adapted and evolved with a rapidly transforming industry. His acute level of expertise influences all aspects of what Data-Tele does, from being hands-on in the field, to his strategic leadership and business acumen. While he  oversees day-to-day procedures on all projects within the company, Dan has carved out his niche in the healthcare sector, specifically New York Presbyterian Hospital and Mount Sinai Medical Center. His profound understanding of the live hospital environment has established an unparalleled standard of quality, and has served as the foundation of Data-Tele’s respected reputation as one of the top New York City hospital communications contractors.

Joe Carretta
Partner/Director, Business Development

After graduating from Fairfield University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Joe began his career within IT business consulting. In February 2011, he made the decision to join the Data-Tele team alongside father and founder Dan Carretta, where he spearheaded the growth of an entirely new division of clientele. Joe is responsible for personal oversight of all projects from start to finish, managing internal and external teams as well as prospecting and securing new business. Joe’s versatility of knowledge in the field, coupled with the relationships he has fostered with clients, general contractors, and other project partners have been instrumental to the quality of work that Data-Tele upholds on a daily basis.

Justin Mauro
Director, Business Operations

Justin Mauro has been part of the Data-Tele team for over 10 years, leading all day-today business operations. His leadership has been instrumental to the success of DataTele’s healthcare projects, working in the field as the Lead Foreman of New York Presbyterian Hospital East in 2010, and then as a Senior Project Manager in 2011-2012. Justin joined IBEW Local 164 in 2000 as an apprentice, quickly rising through the ranks as he completed his JATC Program in 2004. He is a Certified Designer and Installer for the Siemon Co. as well as Legrand Ortronics, Hubbell, Panduit and Commscope.

About Data-Tele

Data-Tele Contractors, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company, with a workforce of highly trained CWA (Local 1000) project managers, supervisors, installers and apprentices.

Founder Dan Carretta began Data-Tele in 1988, when he discovered a new and rapidly growing market in phone system programming. At the time, this “new” technology revolved around analog phone systems, directories, and most importantly, cabling.  When the personal computer became widely adopted, the tech boom created an entirely new industry of computer-based infrastructure that relied on a low-voltage backend cable plant.

Upon the burst of the dot com bubble, Data-Tele adapted by making a shift into the healthcare sector. Starting with the small periphery jobs that other contractors turned down, Data-Tele established itself as a firm that would always be committed to upholding a high standard of service, no matter the project size.

Slowly working himself into becoming the daily contractor on-site at New York Presbyterian and The Mt. Sinai Hospital within the last decade, Dan and the Data-Tele team have expanded the business across cabling infrastructure solutions and related technology services, boasting a staff of 100 full-time employees with offices in New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan.

By leveraging high-level design, quality engineering and installation, and a golden standard of customer service, Data-Tele has worked successfully in partnership with Fortune-500 companies, non-profit organizations, and leading healthcare facilities on a diverse range of projects. To this day, the business remains grounded in Dan’s core values of craftsmanship, dedication, and integrity. Data-Tele is proud of every project we are engaged in, and we remain committed to our clients, our business and our fundamental belief that the tools of today will build the future of tomorrow.