Our Services

Data-Tele started out as an inter-connect phone system sub contractor installation company, installing phone systems for Executone and Myel. Our original services included cabling, turnkey phone system installations including programming and training.

Cable Infrastructure Installation

Cable Infrastructure Scope of Services
  • CAT 5E, CAT6A, CAT 6E, certified voice and data cabling and termination.
  • Design, installation, documentation and certification of Network Cabling.
  • Wireless network installation device and switch
  • Riser Cabling
  • Pathway coring, EMT pipe installation
  • TR Buildouts with associated racks, ladder tray and pathway supports
  • Independent pathway infrastructure support systems
  • System warranties – Ortronics, Siemon Hubbell, Leviton, Panduit

Fiber Optic Cabling and Installation

Fiber Optics Scope of Services
  • Fiber Optic Cabling – multimode/singlemode MIC, Armored, Indoor/Outdoor, OS3, OSP, Dark Fiber
  • Fiber Optic Terminations – ST, SC, LC, MTRJ – UniCam and polish connector installations
  • Fusion splicing, ribbon fiber splicing, CamSplice
  • Fiber optic testing and certification – Flute DTX, Bi-directional calibrated fiber analyzers.
  • Corning Pretium EDGE installations (trunks, extended trunk, modules, harnesses, jumpers, and MTP connector panels)
  • Corning plug and play universal system installation (trunks, extended trunks, integrated trunk modules, harnesses, jumpers)

Data Center Design And Services

Data Center Solutions
  • 4 pair UTP cabling and termination
  • Fiber optic cabling and termination
  • Overhead customized ladder tray installation and support
  • Underfloor cable management systems and supports, utilizing wire-mesh cable tray.
  • Data-Rack and cabinet enclosure installations
  • Plug and play and fiber optic trucking installation
  • Data center design

Audio Visual Installation

Audio/Visual Installation Scope of Services
  • Turnkey paging/speaker system installation
  • A/V cabling, terminating, device mounting and head end installation
  • Customized conference room AV build-outs including large sized LCD/LED monitor mounting and configuration

Small Business Telephone Systems

Small Business Telephone Systems Scope of Services
  • Sales, maintenance, and installation of phone systems
  • Cloud based and VOIP Network design and integration
  • Avaya and Nortel Certified Installers


CCTV Scope of Services
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras – Network addressable devices designed to deliver superior imaging quality and maximize ease of deployment. By utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and software based management, systems are infinitely scalable, easily accessible via mobile applications, and have dramatically reduced installation costs. In many applications, megapixel devices will cover larger areas, reducing the need for additional infrastructure and relieving overall project costs.
  • Analog to Digital CCTV Conversions - By designing the right solutions, Data-Tele can help breathe new life into existing analog video systems and preserve your existing system investments. In most cases, additional intelligence is added to the system and imaging capabilities are greatly enhanced.
  • Analog CCTV – Coax based networks to digital video recorders, capable of utilizing mobile support for remote viewing.
  • Video Management Systems (VMS) - By offering a variety of server based Video Management Systems, Data-Tele can help you select the best options to manage your live and recorded video footage. Each VMS has different strengths and weaknesses and we’ll help you make an informed decision.
  • Analytics – On camera and software based intelligence designed to increase efficiency and increase abilities related to IP based CCTV systems.
  • Remote Monitoring – Off-site viewing and video management designed to reduce continuing labor costs.
  • Industrial Imaging – High quality and high frame rate video and strategic analytics designed to monitor industrial processes to reduce labor cost, reduce waste, and address other challenging dynamics. In certain circumstances, proper utilization of imaging devices can allow for higher machine densities or meet necessary industry specific compliance factors.

Access Control

Access Control Scope of Services
  • IP – Internet addressable access control systems are rapidly gaining market share because the networked nature of the systems allow for ease of system operation, remote management, and superior reporting and audit capabilities.
  • Legacy\Traditional – Data-Tele can provide traditional access control systems to help you control movement of assets within your facility.
  • Biometrics – Fingerprint, vascular pattern, and geometric based biometric systems are available for high security areas.


RFID & PSIM Scope of Services
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Systems - Tagging, tracking, and management of assets and equipment for real time location and perimeter based retention.
  • PSIM (Physical Security Information Modeling) Systems - Management systems designed to provide at-a-glanceand real time metrics for building systems and related technologies to help prevent, manage, and respond to various conditions. These systems are highly tailored for each application and can include thousands of data points.